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Implied Consent Alerting Initiating Policy

EMPLOYEES (National Law Review)
"First, employers can easily obtain the needed consent from employees for certain types of calls. Anytime an employer desire to send messages to employees that are informational and related to that employee's job responsibilities the employer only needs to show: i) that the employee supplied the phone number directly to the employer in connection with his or her employment; and ii) (preferably) that the employee acknowledged the employer's right to use the number for that purpose in some manner (i.e. as part of a policy or procedure or onboarding document.)

Truthfully, however, the rules around consent for non-marketing calls are sufficiently loose that an employer probably does not even need the employee's direct acknowledgment of the right to use the number in any particular way. The mere fact that the employee supplied the number directly to the employer is enough for most non-marketing purposes."

National Law Review

Public Alerts Embracing By Municipalities, Austin Texas
"Customer contact information that is provided during setup for water accounts is automatically loaded in Austin Water's customer portal for emergency notifications. Of the 122,640 SMS text notifications sent to valid numbers, about 97% were delivered."
Automatic Inclusion Sign Up For Water

Emergency Alerting Exception, FCC
Government and Healthcare

Public Notification Rule (EPA, Water)
EPA Water Alerting Requirements

Implied Consent for Informational Alerts (Non-Marketing)
Receiver Provides Phone Number For A Utility Service

Sample Water Notifications Disclaimer
SWWC Water Disclaimer

Sample Electric Notifications Disclaimer
Duke Energy Disclaimer

Charlotte Embracing Alerts

Citation of Emergency Exeption